Ivan la Ragione


"Writing it's giving shape to an imaginary world tracing its confines. Depending how you frame the world you describe a different story and finding the right way to do it, it's the director's challenge"

He was born in 1980 in Naples. In 1994 he approaches the world of television as an actor performing the role of Claudio in “Caro Maestro”. In 2006 he graduates in Modern Literature and writes “Il Frigologo”. He writes 30 episodes for the television serie “Senza Filtro” and two theatrical shows. In 2010 e procedes with his screenplay studies at Rai Script and he obtains a Master in screenplay and storywriting at the University “La Sapienza”; he also obtains a Master in Direction at “Tracce”. In 2012 he writes and directs a short film named “Dea Bendata” which wins the Estfilm Festival and more prices. In 2014 he creates, writes and directs ten episods of the web serie “Step By Step” produced by Tauron.
Competences: story editor, screenwriter, director, showrunner

Step by Step

The comic-horror-mute web serie created by Ivan La Ragione and Francesco Crisci is on line since November 2 2014, on the youtube cannel Tauron Entertainment. Step By Step, directed by Ivan La Ragione and produced by Paolo Zanotti, Tauron Entertainment’s chairman, is composed of ten five minutes episodes. The serie yearns for a universal visual language able to crash the speech barriers. A mute world under the waist where fits not dialogues bring the action forward, step by step. The narrative arc is continuous, it follows a story where the four protagonists, Gim, Stiletto, Amphibia and Classic, friends of low moral living together in the same apartment, are always ready to b reak all the most basic rules of cohabitation. Victim of their barbaric behaviour is Slippers, the fat and romantic porter. The woman, completely worn out, decides to get rid of those four pesky guys planning traps and tricks. After a fight under slippers blows, our protagonists unite strenghts and kill the porter. Set aside remorses the Fours will have to eliminate the corpse…

Tecnical cast: Francesco Crisci agli effetti speciali, Brunella Perrotta al montaggio, Paolo Innocenzi alla scenografia, Adele Bargilli ai Costumi, Lorenzo Tomio alle musiche, per la fotografia di Daniele Poli. Cast artistico: Anastasia Scacco, Simona Fioretto, Luca Chiera, Gabriele De Pascali, Erika Piselli, Riccardo Colella.

Artistic Cast: Anastasia Scacco, Simona Fioretto, Luca Chiera, Gabriele De Pascali, Erika Piselli, Riccardo Colella.



Uncommunicative, she prefers to play music then talk. She quitted with conservatory because there was too much talking and not enough playing. She is gloomy, shy, solitary and she’s an expert in voodo o. She gives no confidence to boys, Gummo, her parrot, is her only friend, her partner while performing music. She has a weird connection with her flatmates, she talks very rarely but, at the right moment, she knows how to act


Smart, always accurate, dynamic and flashy twenty four hours per day, the exact opposite of Gym. His friend Gym doesn’t understand that he stands no more throwing kicks to a ball. Especially after a professional career destroyed by a foul. Classic, is himself no more: too busy making money to think about his past.


He’s the slacker of the group. He’s a fanatical of soccer, slumber, marijuana, videogames and full time voyeur. He has been able to hide a webcam in Stiletto’s room because tormentedly interessed to h er profession. He lives a conflictual relationship whit Classic but even if he would never say it, he’s the only one who respects.


The sinful shoes par exellence belongs to an escort famous for her creativity: she knows thousands of little games to satisfy her clients, who she receives rigorously in her room. She hates sidewalks, they remember her a cloudy past that she tries to choke with about fifty cigarettes per day.

Dea Bendata (Blindfolded Goddes)

A young lady moves her steps in a dark place, where a well dressed man guide her inside a world that progressively takes form leaving her slipping in the mazes of her awareness. Blinded by fear that covers her eyes, she will find herself to live in a world built by her emotions.

Regia e Sceneggiatura: Ivan La Ragione

Postproduzione: Francesco Crisci

Direttore della fotografia: G. Maio

Scenografia: G. De Pascali

Cast: Con Gino Ventriglia ed Anastasia Scacco

Dea Bendata backstage
Dea Bendata backstage
Dea Bendata backstage
Dea Bendata backstage

L’Anello (The Ring)

“Tragicomedy: L’Anello (The Ring), tradition “in faith” in our attempt to still willing to believe to a love pact that in this case shatters easily: but in an optimistical look I’d say that we create today a nuclear love, in a sense that surrounding a man a woman there’s an energetic cirlce shared to a lot of person… where a single person, for all his duties, will never be able to satisfy the espectancies of another person; that is! Sharing!” cit. Rosario Galliano

Regia e Sceneggiatura: Ivan La Ragione

Direttore della fotografia F. Costa

Cast: Con Ivan La Ragione, Elena Bouryka e Valentina Leotta

Il frigologo (The fridgologyst)

A technician is certain that the content of a fridge mirrors its owner’s personality. In the end we are what we eat! But it seems that in the police Headquarters there’s no place for philosophical spe culations: “The woman which fridge you repaired the fridge yesterday is dead!”. So our technician to exculpate himself will track a psicological identikit of the woman based on the content of her fridge.

Regia: Amedeo Veneruso

Sceneggiatura: Ivan La Ragione

Cast: Con Ernesto Mahieux e Gianni Parisi